Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    Experimental Study on Mashhad Soil Improvement by Natural Pozzolan            0000-00-00
2    Numerical and experimental study of moisture content effect on analysis and design of supported Excavation with Anchorage method in cohesive soil of mashhad due to groundwater flactuations    M.Sc.    gorjestani, kian    2014-05-06
3    Numerical study of behavior collapsible soils on surface structures    M.Sc.    MAYABADI, MOHSEN    2014-09-22
4    evaluation of pile subjected to the lateral cyclic loading    M.Sc.    Honarvar Sedighian, Behnoush    2014-09-22
5    Experimental study on shearing behavior of problematic clayey soils mixed with tire chips under repeated loading in DST    M.Sc.    Karamad Tabrizi, Mohammad    2014-11-17
6    Numerical study of induced settlement subsidence in adjacent structures caused by new buildings construction    M.Sc.    Ansari, Farhad    2015-02-04
7    Investigation of creep behavior of GFRP soil-nail systems and comparison with steel    Ph.D    Hamedmirjafari, Behrooz    2015-03-16
8    Evaluation of using geocell and tire rubber effect on pressures and settlements on integral abutment bridges backfill    Ph.D    zadehmohamad, mehdi    2015-04-20
9    Experimental study of the deformability, collapse deformation and short-term creep behavior of rockfill material    M.Sc.    hokmabadi, mostafa    2015-06-01
10    Investigation of Hydromechanical and Dynamic Behavior of the Tailings Dam (Case study: The Sungun Tailings Dam)    M.Sc.    Naeini, Mahdi    2015-06-01
11    Development of an Elasto-Plastic constitutive model for plastic concrete and assessing its performance to simulate the interaction of cut-off wall and foundation in embankment dams    M.Sc.    mehmandoost kotlar, masoud    2015-06-01
12    Two dimensional numerical study of pore water pressure redistribution effects during excavation in clayey soils on displacement of ground by using Coupled analysis    M.Sc.    Pasandidehfard, Mohammad Mostafa    2015-06-29
13    Evaluation Of Filter Criterions For Granular Soils By No Erosion Filter Test (Case Study Of Bar And Bidwaz Dams)    M.Sc.    Raeisosadat, Seyed Alireza    2015-07-06
14    Numerical Investigation of Liquefaction Induced Settlements and Instability on Embankments and Earth Dams (Case Study)    M.Sc.    FATA, HAMIDREZA    2015-07-06
15    The Study of Clayey Soils Bearing Capacity Stabilized with Broken Glass under Repeated Loading CBR Test    M.Sc.    karimi, javad    2015-09-05
16    The Study of Wetting Effect on Clayey Soil Behavior under Stress in Triaxial Test    M.Sc.    MEHRBAKHSH, MOHSEN    2015-09-05
17    Seismic Analysis of the Soil-Pile-Structure Interaction for Combined System of The Retaning structure and Main Structure in Deep Excavation    M.Sc.    Najafi Nesheli, Mohammad Reza    2015-11-23
18    Numerical Study of Structure-Soil-Structure Interaction    M.Sc.    Esmailzadeh Shahri, Reza    2016-02-09
19    Numerical Modeling of Unsaturated Soils Three Phase Behavior Using Barcelona Elastoplastic Model    M.Sc.    fani, kamran    2016-03-14
20    Evaluation of uncertainty in factors affecting soil contamination using multivariate statistical methods in GIS    M.Sc.    NAJAFIPOUR, FAEZEH    2016-03-16
21    Design and development of a Geographic Information System to analyze, forecast and allocate land use, using meta-heuristic algorithms    M.Sc.    Azadi, Hasan    2016-04-04
22    Estimation of Failure Rate in Water Distribution Network Using Fuzzy Clustering and LS-SVM Methods in GIS    M.Sc.    Sadeghi, Hamzeh    2016-04-04
23    Experimental Investigation of nonconnected piled raft foundations    Ph.D    Malekkhani, Mohammad Jamal    2017-01-15
24    Effect of vertical drains on stability and settlements of an embankment dam during construction on saturated soft clay (case study: sombar dam)    M.Sc.    ALALI, AMEER    2017-02-13
25    Numerical Study Of Liquefaction In Tailings Dams (Case Study: Sungun Copper Mine Tailings Dam)    M.Sc.    naseh, faezeh    2017-02-13
26    Effect of a Far-Field and Near-Field earthquakes on Structure considering the Soil-Structure Interaction    M.Sc.    Golafshani, Said Sajjad    2017-02-13
27    Prediction of Mashhad Subsidence using InSAR and its Evaluation based on Geotechnical Properties    M.Sc.    Khorrami, Mohammad    2017-02-14
28    Prediction of bearing capacity of shallow foundations on reinforced soils using artificial intelligence techniques    M.Sc.    Rahimzadeh Oskooei, Parisa    2017-03-14
29    Evaluation of uncertainities in modulus of elasticity and soil behaviour on the design of deep excavation supporting systems    M.Sc.    Ghasemi Nasari, Mehrdad    2017-03-14
30    Numerical Modeling of Unsaturated Soil Problems with Adaptive Mesh Refinement    M.Sc.    Farkhani, Mostafa    2017-11-14
31    Experimental study of behavior of strip shell footings under axial and eccentric vertical loads using PIV    M.Sc.    sharifi, sohrab    2017-11-14
32    Experimental study of eccentrically loaded circular footing on geogrid reinforced sand    M.Sc.    Dastpak, Pouya    2017-11-20
33    Dynamic Flood Routing in Ephemeral Rivers incorporating Transmission Losses through River Bed under Saturated-Unsaturated Flow    M.Sc.    ramezani, javad    2018-05-28